Why Sportstour

Why Sportstour?

1) Fifty Years of Tradition
Since its establishment in 1962 as the tourism provider for one of Chile’s top ski resorts, Sportstour has grown to become the leading and most widely trusted premium tourism company operating in Chile.

In 2008, as a result of our reputation, we became part of one of Chile’s largest tourist operators. Since then, we have been part of the Andina del Sud Holding company, pioneers in the industry since 1913, whose expertise, tradition and values drive our daily operations throughout the entire country from Arica to Punta Arenas.

At present we provide services to Free Independent Travelers, groups, cruises and incentive programs.

2) Expertise
We know Chile like the back of our hand: we have traveled extensively throughout the country, discovering hidden locations and meeting the people who will be in direct contact with your clients with the sole aim of experiencing and select the best-quality services to meet your clients’ expectations and make their trip to Chile one they will never forget.

We have partnerships with wholesalers in Argentina, Peru and Ecuador, to provide a one-stop-shop service if required. 

3) Our Team
We are an enthusiastic, motivated and committed group of multilingual professionals, who love Chile and are fully customer focused. We share a passion for details and our main strength lies in team work. We seek to work with your company to develop a confident business relationship, in order to understand your clients’ needs and create unforgettable holidays packed with the experiences of a lifetime.

We are 100% committed to excellence: we don’t just want to get things right; we aim to get them perfect.

4) Continuous Innovation
To meet the needs of a dynamic and competitive market such as the modern travel industry, we are constantly developing new programs and searching for products to meet your clients’ needs.

That is why in every sales call, show, phone or email we are fully focused on understanding how we can deliver the best and most original service.

5) Service Before and During the Trip
Since the moment you first make contact with us until your clients complete their trip to Chile, we offer you all our knowledge, support and 24/7 client supervision, with daily feedback if needed, in order to guarantee an extraordinary trip.

We manage our own team of guides, all of whom have over 10 years of experience (some have been working in the industry for up to 43 years) are multilingual and willing to show your clients the best of Chile. All our guides have passed a rigorous selection process to ensure they can meet the needs of the most demanding clients.