Valparaíso & Viña del Mar

These two cities—so different in terms of their nature, but equally charming and unique—are just an hour and a half drive from Santiago.

The historical port and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Valparaiso is famous for the houses that cling to the slopes of its hills, creating a labyrinth of hidden spaces and alluring passageways, connected by funiculars and stairways. It is also famous for its bohemian and port life, its excellent cuisine, museums and the displays of artwork to be found throughout the city.

A short distance along the shore and also facing onto the Pacific Ocean is Viña del Mar, one of the largest and best-known beach resorts in Chile. Here visitors can find a large casino, hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and excellent beaches. The city’s beautiful green spaces and gardens have earned it the nickname “the Garden City,” and it is an unmissable attraction in central Chile.

These two iconic towns can be visited all year round, although in January and February, many Chileans flock to Viña’s beaches for their summer holidays and the week-long internationally-renowned music festival, meaning the area can become crowded during these months.