Easter Island

If you are looking for a unique place to celebrate the beginning of your new life as a couple, whether you are looking for an exclusive ceremony to formalize your commitment or a romantic honeymoon, Easter Island is definitely the place to go!

What could be more romantic than spending the first days of your married life in this Polynesian paradise, with its beautiful beaches and a wealth of culture that you can discover together?

Or what about an unforgettable and magical ceremony, surrounded by the secrets of the Rapa Nui culture. Experience a Tunuahi dinner under the open sky of this mythical Island, sampling the local cuisine, followed by an ancestral ritual, hosted by a Koro (local shaman) in an idyllic torch-lit setting, with the sound of the waves and Rapa Nui chants in the background, while the famous Moai look on as silent witnesses.

Sportstour suggests:
 4 day (3 night) trip
 Arrival and departure transfers between the airport and your hotel, as well as daily excursions
 Full board

Recommended activities:
 Te Miro O One (coastal platform walk)
 Tereveka Anakena (the highest point on the island)
 Be part of a ritual ceremony complete with body painting
 Enjoy lunch or dinner with live Polynesian music 
 Snorkel or scuba dive in some of the world’s most transparent waters (visibility up to 50 meters)