Colchagua Wine Valley

The word Colchagua comes from the native Mapuche language and means the “huala nest”, a sacred bird, worshipped by the Mapuche people. Let us show you the real Chilean countryside in one of the world’s most popular wine valleys, located just two and a half hours drive south from Santiago. Here you can learn about Chile’s colonial history, the local culture, our traditions, and of course, sample the amazing red wines produced in the valley.

Visit the old homesteads, frozen in time, with their infrastructure and decoration preserved intact from colonial times. Meet the Chilean huaso, or cowboy, the main character of the countryside, an elegant man who wears traditional dress and is equipped with his riding tools, chamanto (similar to a poncho) and spurs. Watch Chilean rodeo, where two huasos mount their horses to fight it out with a bull in an enclosed ring. The sport is accompanied by music, song and dance: the traditional cuecas, played on guitars, which tell of tradition, love and misadventure. The cueca is the national dance of Chile, where the huaso courts his lady, in imitation of the rituals of the rooster and the hen.

Your visit can be combined with the perfect vineyard in the area and the hotel that meet your expectations.

We invite you to savor the noses of the wines, and sample the great variety of traditional Chilean food.

Bottoms up!

Sportstour suggests:

 3 day (2 night) trip
 Arrival and departure transfers between the Santiago and Santiago airport, as well as daily excursions
 Wine tasting at selected wineries

Recommended activities:
 Visit the Colchagua Museum in Santa Cruz, which provides an intriguing insight into Chile’s indigenous Mapuche people, the Spanish conquistadors and even the adventures of the great Charles Darwin in Chile. The museum also has a room with the complete history of the famous 33 miners rescued in 2010
 Visit the workshop of a hat maker for the traditional huaso attire
 Have lunch at the Santa Cruz social club, enjoying excellent Chilean cuisine in the oldest club in Colchagua
 Visit the Chilean Museum of Handicrafts, located on Lolol
 Take part in the harvest
 Have lunch with a local family