The Port of Easter Island

The Port of Easter Island

Regarded as one of the world’s remotest destinations, this World Heritage Site is widely recognized for its unique archaeological treasures and the world-famous enigmatic Moai stone statues.

Discover this isolated and mysterious destination known as the Navel of the World (Te Pito O Te Henua) and referred to by the indigenous people as Rapa Nui, with extinct volcanoes, the marvelous beach of Anakena, several archeological sites and impressive landscapes.

Disembark in the fishing port of Hanga Piko, the island’s main cruise port, visited by 30 to 40 yachts and cruise ships every year. The port is a major destination for tourism and trade and you will be taken to shore on small boats.
In addition to the traditional excursions to the archeological sites, visitors can experience a range of activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling at islets, trekking on volcanoes and discovering the unique traditions of this special place. 


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