Aconcagua Wine Valley

Just an hour’s drive north of Santiago is the Aconcagua Valley, an area of rich contrasts, from semi-arid countryside to lush green fields, all nestled in this valley in the Andes. The abundance of sunny days and fresh air coming in off the Pacific Ocean make this area perfect for wine production.

With their slow and continuous maturation, its fertile soils give rise to full-bodied red wines, leading many well-known wineries to choose this valley for growing grapes for their best wines, all of which await you to taste them.

Enjoy visiting two or three wineries in one day, or focus on one to make the most of all the activities on offer, such as wine tours with tastings, horse riding, cycling, picnics and barbeques, with views of this amazing wine valley.

Come with us to discover what this valley has to offer!

Sportstour suggests:
 3 day (2 night) trip
 Arrival and departure transfers between Santiago airport, as well as daily excursions
 Wine tasting at selected wineries

Recommended activities:
 Visit the llama center
 Enjoy lunch at the Portillo ski resort, looking out over the majestic Lake Inca
 Combine the Aconcagua Valley with the Mendoza wine valley in Argentina
 Enjoy a cookery class at the Se Cocina Restaurant in Chicureo, close to Santiago
 Cycling in the winery grounds
 Extension to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar