Maipo Wine Valley

The Maipo Valley is the country’s most traditional wine-growing area, deriving its name from the Maipo River, the largest in the area around Santiago. Just a 40 minute drive from the capital, the country’s best known vineyards produce their wines in this region, which has a Mediterranean climate with four well-defined seasons that favors the production of well-balanced reds.

The valley is divided into three regions: Alto Maipo, which reaches into the foothills of the Andes and produces some of Chile’s leading Cabernet Sauvignons; Central Maipo, one of Chile’s oldest and most diverse wine-producing regions; and Coastal Maipo, a relatively new region that benefits from the fresh sea breeze between the coastal mountains.

Located right beside Santiago, the valley is ideal for day trips and can also be included in the program for other wine-producing valleys.

Sportstour suggests:
 3 day (2 night) trip
 Arrival and departure transfers between Santiago airport, as well as daily excursions
 Wine tasting at selected wineries

Recommended activities:
 Do not miss the Santa Rita winery’s Andean Museum; try their Premium Tour that includes a walk through the beautiful gardens.
 Try a canopy adventure at the La Montaña winery
 Try some local food in the traditional small stores near the town of Pirque and enjoy a glass of mote con huesillo, a traditional Chilean drink made from peaches and barley and perfect for combating the mid-day sun
 Extend your visit further into the valley to Cajon del Maipo