Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a splendid European-style city, somehow strangely familiar but unlike any other city in the world.
Here you can find all you need for an unforgettable getaway, from the best fine dining and famous steak houses that combine perfectly with the taste of Argentina’s famous Malbec wines.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable dinner that will not only indulge you with incredible flavors, but will also surprise you with the very best tango show! Argentineans are not only incredible when it comes to food, but are excellent artists too!

Let us take your taste buds on an adventure and show you this elegant and seductive city, with high end boutiques, unique neighborhoods, beautiful parks and the most amazing restaurants.


Sportstour suggests:
4 day (3 night) trip
 Arrival and departure transfers between Ezeiza airport, as well as daily excursions

Recommended activities:
 Cycling in the city
 A dinner and tango show
 Discover the fashionable district of Palermo at the weekend
 Watch Argentineans play polo during a visit to a ranch
 Visit the massive Recoleta Cemetery and enjoy coffee in the many restaurants looking onto the parks
 Enjoy a dulce de leche (the local caramel) flavored ice-cream