Andes Ski Range

Let us introduce you to the newest best kept secret in the Andes: Puma Lodge. With 24 rooms and a full spa, Puma Lodge is the new heli-skiing destination in the Chilean Andes.

Just three hours south-east of Santiago, lies a world of dry, powdery snow that is home to the deluxe mountain lodge offering all the comfort of a first-class hotel.

The Condé Nast Traveler magazine recently included the lodge in its Hot List, an excellent endorsement of this new heli-skiing resort.

The Heli Ski Lovers program has been specially designed for heli-skiing aficionados in terms of the length and properties of the runs. In general the program is perfect for enjoying the excellent Andean snow, varied landscapes and wide, long slopes.

Sportstour suggests:
 4 day (3 night) or 6 day (5 night) trip
 Arrival and departure transfers between Santiago airport, as well as daily excursions

Recommended activities:
 Extend your stay to Santiago
 Wine tours to the nearby Cachapoal wine valley
 Take time out for a massage at the hotel spa
 Enjoy the open-air hot tubs