Surrounded by mountains and volcanoes reaching over 16,000 feet (5,000 meters) high, Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flat is one of the most inhospitable and fascinating places on earth. With breathtaking and indescribable landscapes it is home to one of the world’s largest reserves of lithium.

Explore the extraordinary colored lagoons, including the red and green lagoons, see the geysers and discover a fascinating variety of endemic fauna, such as the James flamenco and other Andean pink flamencos. Explore the valleys between the mountains, taking you to wetlands, geothermal plains and important historical and cultural sites.

For nature lovers, this destination is a must on account of the diversity of wildlife that inhabits the area, one of the most extreme on earth.

Come and visit the biggest mirror in the world, where the earth meets the sky!

Sportstour suggests:
 5 day (4 night) trip
 Arrival and departure transfers between Calama airport, as well as daily excursions.

Recommended activities:
 Salt flats and Altiplano lagoons
 Extend your stay to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile