Take part in an unforgettable experience that will bring you to one of the earth’s remotest, unspoilt locations, a continent that is completely covered by ice, a major water reserve for the biosphere and an exotic and enchanting destination for those privileged enough to go.

There are many ways to visit Antarctica, including a day trip by air from Punta Arenas, a cruise that will take you across the Drake Passage for an expedition on the white continent, or an air cruise over the Drake Passage before landing in Antarctica were you will set sail. Walk on King George Island, home to the southernmost Russian Orthodox church and where a community of less than 50 Chilean people live. Take a zodiac boat to check out the penguin colony, and of course take in the awe-inspiring landscapes of the white continent.

Let us guide you on this unique adventure that you are sure never to forget!

Sportstour suggests:
8 day (7 night) sailing trip
 Extend your stay to Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine
 Arrival and departure transfers between Punta Arenas airport