Robinson Crusoe

Robinsons Crusoe Island is one of the remotest places on earth. With a population of only 860, it is home to many endemic plants and unique fauna—a real treasure island!
The adventure begins when you step off the small aircraft after a three-hour journey from Santiago (the island is not serviced by commercial operators). Visitors have two alternatives for reaching the main town where their hotel is located: a spectacular seven-hour walk or a scenic two-hour boat trip that sails around the island.

Experience an incredible variety of landscapes and activities, such as the many trekking expeditions and scuba diving trips. Discover the spirit of island traditions together with its unique atmosphere. Taste the island’s cuisine and relax in the comfort of your hotel after a day full of adventure.
Visit Robinson Crusoe Island, an unforgettable experience for only the truly adventurous.

Sportstour suggests:
 5 day (4 night) trip
 Arrival and departure transfers between the local airport, as well as daily excursions
 Extend your stay to Santiago

Recommended activities:
 Bird watching
 Lobster fishing