San Pedro de Atacama

Located in the middle of the driest desert of the world, San Pedro de Atacama is a strategically located point of departure that will allow you to enjoy the most amazing experiences and the area’s breathtaking landscapes.

There are many excursions available in the area, all of which will take you to unforgettable places.

We invite you to visit the Puritama hot springs, watch the sunset in the Valley of the Moon, enjoy an archaeological tour, spend the day rock climbing under the desert sun, wake up before the crack of dawn to marvel at the Tatio Geysers, and much more. Those who have the stamina can even climb the Lascar and Lincacabur volcanos!

And after a full day in contact with nature, you can stroll through the quaint streets of San Pedro de Atacama, enjoying the local restaurants, shops and everything this magical place has to offer.

Sportstour suggests:

 5 day (4 night) trip
 Arrival and departure transfers between the Calama airport and your hotel, as well as daily excursions

Recommended activities:
 Take a dip in the lakes on the salt flats
 Admire the Tatio Geysers and visit the town of Machuca
 Watch the flamingoes at Lake Chaxa
 Discover the amazing colors of the Rainbow Valley
 Buy handicrafts made from the local stone in the town of Toconao
 Witness amazing sunsets and sunrises at the Valley of the Moon
 Go horse riding in the Death Valley
 Cycle to Lake Cejar
 Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the Puritama hot springs
 Learn more about the area’s history on a fascinating archaeological tour
 Star gazing in the Atacama desert